Notes on Kintsugi Online Course

This course uses this lacquer, so please be careful about lacquer rash.

Please note that we are not responsible for medical expenses in the unlikely event that you get a lacquer.

If you have an allergic reaction, please consult a medical institution as soon as possible.



This Kintsugi using this lacquer performed in this course will not be finished in one course.

We have prepared one dose with the meaning of a trial period.

Please note that the number of times may vary depending on how it is cracked or chipped.



Please be sure to return the consent form at least one week before the scheduled date of attendance.



Advance reservation is required.

Please note that reservations can be canceled up to 5 days before the scheduled date of attendance.



The video calling apps promoted by this course are Google Duo and Zoom.

If you cannot use this app, please let us know when you have a meeting with the lecturer.

Other video call apps will support it.



Basically, it is a 2-hour system for each course per person, so

Please be punctual.



We do not accept returns or refunds.

In the unlikely event that the Kintsugi coffret is out of stock or defective, we will deliver a substitute at a later date.



As the course progresses, it is expected that some of the materials will disappear.

If you have any additional products you would like, please search for "Tsumi Asayoshi Urushiten".

There is an inquiry form at the bottom of the official website

Your zip code, address, phone number, name, required material name,

Please tell us that you are a student of Erattan lacquer arts and crafts.

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