Kintsugi online course flow

① Lecturer Yuzo Eto official Facebook, Instagram, homepage or the following email address

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Please contact us if you would like to have an " online Kintsugi course".



② We will send you an email to accept your application.

After that, check the communication between the instructor and the online application,

check the status of the item you want to repair,

We will discuss consultations and requests.

At that time, please decide the desired date and time for taking the online course.



③ After the meeting, we will inform you of the payment date of the course.

Please pay for the course at your own BASE.

Etoh Urushi Art Lab. official online shop:


* To pay after the meeting with the instructor

Currently, all items on the online shopping site BASE are suspended.

Please contact us to purchase only the Kintsugi set.




④ The materials used in the course are purchased by the customer, so

BASE A product called "Kintsugi Coffret" on the same page

Please purchase by yourself.



⑤ Please check the product immediately after it arrives.

Please be sure to check the enclosed consent form before signing.

Please return the consent form by mail.

* Consent form is not required for the second and subsequent times.



⑥ As soon as you can confirm the consent form here

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